Workflow Management Software with Full Help Desk Capabilities 

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A Complete Workflow Management System

  • Multiple Workflows and Multiple Forms

  • Government and Regulatory Compliance

  • Easily Customized to your Specifications

  • Clean, Elegant Interface Simplifies Process for All

  • Integration with Included Help Desk System

  • Affordable Custom Enterprise Software

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It took us very little time to get up and running, with a system customized to our needs.
— Wally Beddoe, Telekurs Financial

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Clean Elegant Interface

Seeing the details while keeping a handle on the whole picture is crucial in any business environment. SES's Dashboard features let you see a broad snapshot of all the active issues within an application. See statuses, attachments, assignees and valuable time markers with the ability to directly drill down into any specific record right from the page. You can also quickly sort by any column header and export all data to a PDF or Excel format.

THE DASHBOARD - Click Image for more detail.

WORKFLOW DESIGNER - Click image for more detail.

Workflow by You

The workflow designer allows you to create an unlimited number of workflows. That means you create the different states or steps that you need for your workflow. Through simple drag and drop configuration, you decide the flows from one step to the next. Workflows can be simple (linear) or complex (multi-directional). It's up to you where you use them (which application and which form). Very powerful.

Fields and Forms Too

The Form and Field Designer lets you add as many forms as you wish to an application and as many fields as you want to a form. The fields you create can be menu, text, numeric, dynamic - pretty much any database supported field type.   Moreover, add in your own panels on a form to keep information organized and clear.

FORM AND FIELD DESIGNER - Click image for more detail.

HELP DESK - Click image for more detail.

A Complete Help Desk System

Sometimes a thorough workflow process is just too much, however issues arise that need to be tracked and possibly impact larger issues.  SES includes a full help desk issue tracking system to accommodate this need.   Let end user's submit tickets through the web or have staff submit.  Use automatic assignment rules and notifications to ensure work gets done.

Keep Everyone in the Loop - Automatically

Automatic email rules let you decide who is notified about an issues and when. Maybe the department head needs to only know when a new issue is open and then at quality control, but the Project Manager needs to be alerted every step of the way. Set up rules such as this with a few clicks of the mouse. Once an email notification is received, based on the recipients permission level, they can access that record right from a link in their email and work on it from there.

EMAIL NOTIFICATION RULE - Click image for more detail.

EMAIL NOTIFICATION  - Click image for more detail.


Toll Free: 888-276-4127 
International: 702-990-0218