Workflow Management Software with Full Help Desk Capabilities 

  • Multiple Workflows and Multiple Forms

  • Government and Regulatory Compliance

  • Easily Customized to your Specifications

  • Clean, Elegant Interface Simplifies Process for All

  • Integration with Included Help Desk System

  • Affordable Custom Software

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Approval Process Control

Define your own method for progression from one stage to the next in a workflow - everybody must approve a request, more than half need approve (majority rules), or anybody can approve There are also multiple ways to automate the workflow process in SES’s software.  Requests can be automatically assigned based on the request fields selected by your users and staff. Quick Assign Rules will auto-select workflow and choose assignees for routine requests and staff assignments. 

APPROVAL PROCESS CONTROL - Click Image for more detail.

AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS - Click image for more detail.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic email rules let you decide who is notified about an issues and when. Maybe the department head needs to only know when a new issue is open and then at final approval, but the Project Manager needs to be alerted every step of the way. Set up rules such as this with a few clicks of the mouse. Once an email notification is received, based on the recipients permission level, they can access that record right from a link in their email and work on it from there.

Configurable Workflow

SES’s Workflow Software comes with a Drag and Drop Workflow Creator, that allows for the creation of unlimited workflows. Create the different states or steps that you need for your workflow. Through simple drag and drop configuration, you decide the flows from one step to the next. Workflows can be simple (linear) or complex (multi-directional). It's up to you where you use them (which application and which form).

CONFIGURABLE WORKFLOW - Click image for more detail.

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The first thing seen when logging into the system, SES’s Dashboard gives a complete overview of everything happening at that point.  Workflow issues are broken down by Status, Category and Impact, with the issues requiring immediate attention highlighted for quick access.  Open Help Desk issues and Tasks are on display as well.  Finally, a Bulletin Board allows for important company wide messages to be posted and tied to dates. 

Event-Based Notifications

Notifications can be triggered based on any field that choose as well as time and date thresholds.  For example, as a request moves forward from status to another, everyone working on the next step can be notified.  Or, if the Impact changes from “High” to “Critical” a rule can make sure everyone associated with the request is notified.  Date and time rules can be set up to notify staff when a request has been in a particular state for a period of time or reaches a date where the status has not changed.  These rules can be as numerous as you require.

EVENT BASED NOTIFICATIONS - Click image for more detail.

GRAPHICAL WORKFLOW EDITOR - Click image for more detail.

Graphical Workflow Editor

The Interface of the software is extremely user friendly with a graphical workflow editor showing exactly where each issue stands.  A quick view of the workflow is available at the top of every request form or a link to the full workflow map is accessible from the request to see a more detailed view of the path.  You decide exactly how the workflow map appears when creating your own workflows.

Help Desk Management

A complete, full featured Help Desk Management system is included with the workflow software.  The Help Desk allows for user and staff submitted tickets, automatic assignment, email notifications, attachments and comment logging.  One or more Help Desk issues can be tied to Workflow Requests, reports can be generated for Help Desk performance and any fields you wish can be be created and added to the Help Desk Form.

HELP DESK SYSTEM - Click image for more detail.


Toll Free: 888-276-4127 
International: 702-990-0218